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Beverly Hills District - Neckerchiefs  

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Gold Rush Camporee
Location & Dates Unknown
National Jamboree Contingent
July 17-23, Irvine Ranch, California

Cotton neckerchief with patch sewn on.
Purpose unknown.

  Silk screened light yellow silk with hemmed edge.
Beverly Hills District contingent to the jamboree used this neckerchief with signatures of famous movie stars of the day.
Famous autographs included: Elizabeth Taylor • Alan Ladd Debbie Reynolds • Gregory Peck • Red Skelton • Dorthy Lamour Betty Grable • George Murphy • Jeff Hunter and many others.

National Jamboree Contingent
Troop 21-Beverly Hills

Full Neckerchief

This example of the 1953 contingent neckerchief is signed by many of the Beverly Hills District Contingent Troop.
Signatures include: George M. Zakaryan-Scoutmaster • Eric C. Orgell-Asst. Scoutmaster • John L.Evans-Asst, Scoutmaster
Eugene Zakaryan • Bob Miller (Scout Executive) • Mort Tible •  Dugan • James Tanenbaum • Doug Lanterman • Stephen Shields
Arthur Stephan • Dick Yadley • Tom Watson • Dennis Paull • Rodger Voorhus • Alan Kahan • Jim Scully • Tom Denny • Steve Fenster
David Feldstein • and others.


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